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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Intimidation in North County


We had a tip come in our on Strikeforce Hotline that there are police circling Berkley Middle School in the Airport Township.

There are two issues in play:

  1. Police are circling the polling place, which according to our source, is making people in line uneasy.
  2. Poll workers are harassing voters over identification.

Obviously, voter intimdation in a predominately African American pocket of the metro area (77%, 2000 Census)is a very big deal. At this time, we haven’t been able to determine whether or not the intimidated voters are being turned away or being given a provisional ballot.

Upon receiving the tip, we alerted the Obama lawyer at the polling place closest to our current location, who then called the “secret squirrel” hotline to provide the information we were given. Shortly thereafter (and I mean like 4 seconds after he hung up), we received a phone call from the boiler room for more information. We were then told that the campaign was dispatching a platoon of lawyers to deal with the problem immediately.

As we recieve more information, we’ll update the post.

Voter Protection Hotlines

877-874-6226 (Obama Protection Hotline)
314-437-9347 (Obama Strikeforce local Hotline)

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