Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama supporter's home vandalized with racism

Reported by: WPTV staff
Email: webteam@wptv.com
Reported by: Marci Gonzalez

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LOXAHATCHEE, FL -- A Loxahatchee resident is rattled after he says he came home Sunday evening to find his vehicle and home spray painted with racist graffiti and anti-Obama messages.

The homeowner, Kevius Hodges is an Obama/Biden supporter. Hodges says white supremacy messages were spray painted with an angry anti-Obama tone.

Local residents are outraged over the racist comments threatening violence.

Besides the expletives spray painted on his home, McCain and Palin's names are painted on the owner's SUV.

He believes he was the target because of his race and the Obama sign in his front yard.

Hodges says he is not angry about the damage, "This stuff is material stuff. I can paint this, cover that," said Hodges.

It's the racism he didn’t expect in the community where he lives and teaches elementary school.

"You would think things would be different than it is. What's gonna happen after tomorrow? Let's say Obama does win, then what?"

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