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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Over 80,000 Have Complained About Voting Problems

Today, Barbara Anwine of the Election Protection Coalition (1-866-OUR-VOTE), a nonpartisan group, told MSNBC about voter suppression tactics they have witnessed around the country.

The group says it has received over 80,000 voter calls at the Election Protection Command Center.

Some emerging trends:

- Broward County leads Florida in voter requests for assistance.

- Registration-related problems rank #1 in nearly every battleground state - hundreds of calls focus on that problem, most often in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and California

- Georgia voters are reporting more incidents of voter intimidation than any other state. Other reports of voter intimidation, scams or misinformation are also emerging in Ohio and Missouri.

- Florida voters rank #1 in requests related to criminal status and voting.

- Early voting problems are also being noticed, particularly Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and California

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Chuck Todd: If McCain Wins All Toss-Ups He Still Loses

NBC News' final map gives Barack Obama the win:

With two days before Election Day, the final NBC News map shows Obama remaining above the 270 electoral-vote mark, with a 286-157 lead over McCain. Last week, Obama held a 286-163 advantage. Our changes: We moved Montana and North Dakota (which has same-day voter registration) from Lean McCain to Toss-up. In addition, we moved Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey (the latter of which we should have moved a couple of weeks ago) from Lean Obama to Likely Obama. So here's where we stand:

Likely Obama: CA, CT, DE, DC, HI, IL, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA, WI (227 electoral votes)
Lean Obama: CO, IA, NH, NM, PA, VA (59 votes)
Toss-up: FL, IN, MO, MT, NV, NC, ND, OH (95 votes)
Lean McCain: AZ, GA, NE 02, SD, WV (24 votes)
Likely McCain: AL, AK, AR, ID, KS, KY, LA, MS, NE (the rest of the state), OK, SC, TN, TX, UT, WY (133 votes)

On Meet The Press Sunday morning, Chuck Todd tells Tom Brokaw that even if McCain wins all of those toss-ups, he'll still lose.

Brokaw: And Chuck, what about voter turnout and especially the organization of the two campaigns getting their people to the polls?

Todd: Well, we're seeing a lot of the early voting, a lot of long lines that's made folks question whether Georgia, South Carolina could end up being much closer than people thought because of this surge among voters, particularly African-Americans. And of course we've watched everything that's been happening in Florida and North Carolina this weekend, Tom.

Brokaw: And why would John McCain be spending so much time in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in the final weekend, Chuck?

Todd: Well, it's a simple math problem that he's got. Heres our columns here. Im going to put all of the current tossup states in McCain's column and watch his number as it grows right up here. If you move all of these states over, Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and Nevada -- you see the problem he's got. He's still at 252. 18 short. So what does that mean? If he pulls a Pennsylvania over, we see Obama goes done to 265, McCain gets his 273. Then you ask why New Hampshire? Thats the insurance policy. Nevada, a state that Obama right now has that narrow lead in, if that went to him, then McCain would need New Hampshire to get back over his 270. So it is the only path he's got left. They know this and that's why they had to figure out how to put Pennsylvania back in play. We don't know if it really is. We know he's spending a lot of time there and they had to figure out if New Hampshire, a state that's been incredibly kind to McCain's political career in the past, to see if it can resurrect him one more time.

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Latest GOP smear plot revealed: Professor paid to try to tie Ayers to Obama biography

John Byrne

The brother of a Republican congressman and a Republican businessman attempted to pay an professor in Oxford to use software he designed to "prove" that 1960s radical William Ayers helped write Sen. Barack Obama's biography.

The professor, Dr. Peter Millican, teaches philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford. His software is designed to detect when works are by the same authors by comparing the use of similar words and phrases.

The offer was revealed Sunday in a British newspaper.

“He was entirely upfront about this," the professor said of the Republican businessman who made the offer. "He offered me $10,000 and sent me electronic versions of the text from both books.”

Millican said he took a preliminary look and found the charges that Ayers had had a hand in ghostwriting Obama's book “very implausible.” A deal was agreed for "more detailed research," the paper said, but when Millican "said the results had to be made public, even if no link to Ayers was proved, interest waned."

The Republicans sought to allege similarities between Obama's Dreams of My Father and Ayers' Fugitive Days.

The offer was made by Robert Fox, a California GOP businessman and brother-in-law of Republican Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT).

Asked by the British paper who'd made the offer, Fox and Cannon tried to pin it on each other.

Cannon said "he merely recommended computer testing of the books. He doubted whether Obama wrote his autobiography, adding: 'If Ayers was the author, that would be interesting.'"

Fox "said he had hoped that Cannon would raise the $10,000 to run a computer test. 'It was Congressman Cannon who initially pointed me in that direction and, from our conversation, I thought he might be able to find someone [to raise the $10,000].'"

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Obama takes largest lead yet in Gallup poll of likely voters

John Byrne

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has taken the largest lead yet among likely voters against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in the national Gallup poll released Saturday. Obama expanded his lead to ten percent from nine percent on Friday.

Obama's lead is a dramatic rise from the 49-47 percent margin that Gallup registered just four days ago.

Gallup added, "This is the first time since Gallup began estimating likely voters in early October that there is no difference between Gallup's two likely voter models. Obama's lead of 52% to 42% using Gallup's traditional estimate of likely voting criteria takes into account past voting as well as current intentions. Obama's identical lead using the expanded model takes into account only current voting intentions."

"Both of these likely voter estimates in turn are almost identical to Gallup's 52% to 41% registered voter estimate.

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Rove appointee sends an ugly message to would-be Obama assassins

There certainly were a lot of disturbing questions raised by Colorado U.S. attorney Troy Eid's refusal to prosecute three white-supremacist tweakers caught conspiring to assassinate Barack Obama before this year's Democratic National Convention in Denver. (Brad Jacobson and Nicole also reported on this.)

Now, as Jacobson reports at Raw Story, those questions are taking on a serious cast:

Interviews with numerous legal experts suggest that Colorado US Attorney Troy Eid misled reporters and diverged from state law when declining to prosecute any of the three men arrested in Denver for threatening to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Eid, who was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2006, declined to prosecute the three men on charges of threatening to assassinate Barack Obama during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, saying that the suspects were "just a bunch of meth heads" and their words failed to meet the legal standard for "true threat."

... But multiple legal experts interviewed by RAW STORY -- including criminal and constitutional law scholars, former Assistant US Attorneys and Denver-area defense lawyers also familiar with Colorado state law -- agreed that voluntary intoxication is not exculpatory and that such a claim, especially for a prosecutor, is unorthodox. While it may be presented in an effort to reduce a sentence after a conviction, experts say it is normally the domain of defense counsel.

"It's very unusual," says Scott Horton, a Columbia Law School professor who also writes for Harper's Magazine. "Basically, you have a US Attorney trotting out the sort of arguments that defense counsel makes on a plea for reduced sentencing."

Legal experts say that Eid's definition of true threat directly conflicts with the statue covering threats to presidential candidates, 18 U.S.C. 879, which defines the threat as "whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate."

Be sure to read the whole thing.

There should be a congressional investigation of Eid's misfeasance in this case, because it sends a chilling message: If you're a white supremacist who wants to target Obama for assassination -- as a number of them appear to be doing -- Bush's Justice Department will give you a slap on the wrist and look the other way should you get caught.

I doubt that was what they intended, but that has been the end result.

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McCain Supporter Denies Candy To Children Of Obama Supporters On Halloween (VIDEO)

Kids in this suburban Detroit neighborhood cried foul after a McCain supporter refused to give them candy because they were the children of Obama supporters. Whatever your politics, I think we can all agree it's beyond the pale to deny children candy on Halloween.


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Your request is being processed... The Stench Run: Republicans Ramp Up Negative Attacks As Election Day Nears

With Election Day looming and the polls suggesting John McCain faces a daunting challenge, the GOP and the McCain campaign have ramped up their negative attacks on Barack Obama. Just to start, McCain attacked Obama's patriotism and Republicans made much hay out of a video that purportedly shows Obama attending a party where Palestinian, and Columbia University Professor, Rashid Khalidi was also a guest. Below is a round up of some of McCain's and the GOP's 11th hour attacks.

McCain Attacks Obama's Patriotism: McCain seized on - and took out of context - remarks made by Obama today to question the Democrat's patriotism:

John McCain unveiled a new attack on Barack Obama's patriotism Saturday, jumping all over - and taking out of context - remarks made yesterday in which the Democratic nominee said the Iowa Caucuses vindicated his faith in the American public.

Campaigning in Springfield, Virginia, McCain told the crowd that he had always had faith in his country and - dinging his opponent - claimed that the United States "has never had to prove anything to me..."

...Past statements aside, if one actually takes a look at what Obama said, and what he has said before, it is hard to interpret in anyway that he doubted the United States. Just look at the sentences before his "faith" remark, in which he lavishly praises the American people, who he "knew" were "decent" and "generous."

GOP Flier: Obama More A Friend To Criminals Than Cops: HuffPost's Sam Stein reports on a GOP flier circulating in Virginia that accuses Obama of being more of a friend to criminals than to cops:

The pamphlet, flagged by a recipient in the state and a new version of one previously reported in several other states, includes a photo of a quiet suburban neighborhood and young children playing on in a classroom - the implicit message being, Obama will make you and your family less safe.

"Protecting your family comes first," reads the front.

"A record of being soft on crime," reads the back. "Barack Obama has consistently opposed tougher penalties for criminals - including major offenses - allowing criminals to remain on the streets."

GOP Mailer In Pennsylvania Suggests Electing Obama Could Lead To Second Holocaust: Talking Points Memo flags another GOP flier that is particularly nasty:

A reader sends in a nasty mailer that just hit Philadelphia-area in-boxes, blasted out by a GOP group called the Republican Jewish Coalition, suggesting that a vote for Barack Obama could lead to another "tragic outcome" for the Jewish people.

"Concerned about Barack Obama? You should be," the mailer warns. "History has shown that a naive and weak foreign policy has resulted in tragic outcomes for the Jewish people."

The mailer helpfully notes that the image is a pic of Obama speaking in Germany.

House GOP Leader Calls Obama "Chicken Shit": House Minority leader John Boehner shockingly used an expletive to describe Obama for his "present" votes in the Illinois State Senate:

House minority leader John Boehner's spokesman confirms the accuracy of this quote, from an Ohio student newspaper:

"Now, listen, I've voted 'present' two or three times in my entire 25-year political career, where there might have been a conflict of interest and I didn't feel like I should vote," Boehner said. "In Congress, we have a red button, a green button and a yellow button, alright. Green means 'yes,' red means 'no,' and yellow means you're a chicken s***.

"And the last thing we need in the White House, in the oval office, behind that big desk, is some chicken who wants to push this yellow button."

Regional McCain Manager Denies Obama's Citizenship: Tim McClellan, a regional manager in Florida for the McCain campaign, isn't sold on the idea of Obama as an American citizen:

The most surprising statement was something we've been hearing from McCain supporters but not from anyone actually on the McCain or RNC payroll. "I have strong concerns that Obama is not a citizen. I suspect the U.S. Supreme Court will prove that Obama's not a citizen," Tim continued. "Did he go to Indonesia and become an Indonesian citizen, and if so, did he take steps to regain his (U.S.) citizenship? There's no seal on his birth certificate and the font is wrong."

Conservative Group To Run Rev. Wright Ads Through Election Day: National Republican Trust PAC has a major ad buy on national networks to run anti-Wright attacks:

Get ready for a deluge of Wright rantings.

The National Republican Trust PAC, which has been airing an ad attacking Barack Obama's association with Reverend Wright in three battleground states, has now put down for a national buy on five networks that will last from now through election day, a consultant with the group confirms to me.

The ad will run nationally on Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC for the next five days, the consultant, Rick Wilson, says -- "all the way until election day."

The ad, which you can watch here, features the now-infamous footage of Wright's livelier sermons, and intones that Obama "never complained" about Wright "until he ran for President," adding that Obama is "too radical, too risky."

Obama Campaign Manager Questions Timing Of Aunt Story: David Axelrod is suspicious of the timing of the story about Obama's aunt living in the country illegally:

Speaking to reporters today, Obama chief strategist David Axelrod addressed reports that Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Obama's Kenyan father, has been living illegally in the United States for four years. Axelrod expressed some skepticism about the timing of the news, which first broke in the Times of London and was confirmed by the Associated Press in the waning days of the presidential race.

"The campaign issued a statement on that," Axelrod told reporters, "And I don't have anything more to add to it, other than I think people are suspicious about stories that surface in the last 72 hours of a national campaign.

"I think that they're going to take that," he added, "They're going to put it in that context."

In a statement earlier today, the campaign said that "Sen. Obama has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws should be followed."

More GOP Mailers Hitting The Streets: A new GOP flier hits Obama on lobbyists, taxes and socialism:

The anti-Obama mail keeps piling up. A reader forwarded a set of pieces that go after the Illinois Democrat for not, really, being a thorn in the side of lobbyists and for planning to raise taxes alongside his liberal allies in Congress,

The first piece accuses Obama of funneling the "hard-earned money of America's taxpayers to pay his friends and family with political favors."

As evidence the literature cites the Senator's relationship with Tony Rezko - the indicted Chicago insider - and two earmarks that Obama helped bring to Illinois; projects that, tangentially, were connected to his wife or a political supporter. It is, in short, thin gruel.

McCain Campaign Demands LA Times Rlease Khalidi Video: The McCain campaign sought to portray Obama as an extremist after learning that the LA Times has video of Obama attending the same party as Rashid Khalidi. HuffPost's Seth Colter Walls discovers that this guilt-by-association game will be difficult for McCain to pull off:

In regards to Khalidi, however, the guilt-by-association game burns John McCain as well.

During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

A 1998 tax filing for the McCain-led group shows a $448,873 grant to Khalidi's Center for Palestine Research and Studies for work in the West Bank. (See grant number 5180, "West Bank: CPRS" on page 14 of this PDF.)

The relationship extends back as far as 1993, when John McCain joined IRI as chairman in January. Foreign Affairs noted in September of that year that IRI had helped fund several extensive studies in Palestine run by Khalidi's group, including over 30 public opinion polls and a study of "sociopolitical attitudes."

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Original Mavericks To McCain: "You're No Maverick"

Brave New Films talks to the actual original Mavericks, who aren't too fond of John McCain using their name:

Fontaine Maverick, great-great-granddaughter of Samuel Augustus Maverick (1803-1870) explains the origin of the expression -- and why it shouldn't apply to the Republican candidate:

Samuel Maverick was a Texas cattleman, land baron and politician, so influential that he was one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Fiercely independent and equally liberal. Sam became well known for what he didn't do, however. It seems, according to Fontaine, that he had taken some cattle in lieu of a debt he was owed. He let them roam on an island off of Texas, and for whatever reason, didn't brand them. So, any unbranded cattle became known as Maverick's. Now, this more than likely wasn't an act of revolt. No one knows for sure, but Maverick really wasn't much of a cattleman. He was also shrewd, later on in life if cattle weren't branded, he would often claim them.

Sam was also very spirited and free minded. It was because of this that in 1867 the term Maverick was first cited as being used to describe someone with an independent streak, someone not branded.


"Mavericks believe everybody has a right to be in America so long as they obey the law," Fontaine told me. "Grandfather Maury was no coward. He chased the Klan right out of San Antonio once, stood up to the mob... Maury was burned in effigy in San Antonio, for his defense of members of the Communist Party's right to assemble, for his defense of the Hispanic community, support for those who didn't have a voice. "


"My brother called me from California last week during the VP debate and told me if they said the world Maverick one more time, he was going to shoot the TV. Of course, he doesn't have a gun, but, you get the point. My mother was just quoted in the New York Times about how we feel McCain is branded, Palin is branded, they are Republicans, and true Mavericks carry no brand. It's driving our family crazy, upsetting us and the legacy of my family, and we really with the campaign would stop misusing the word and the phrase.

"John McCain on a few occasions has shown that he can go against his party, but how hard is that when his party has been wrong on so many things as we now see," she continued. "But he has a brand. And Palin, I'm not sure she even knows the history of the word of or my family, but one thing is clear to all of my family, she truly is not a Maverick."

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What's Wrong with Being Atheist Anyway?

By now you've probably heard about Senator Elizabeth Dole's ad attacking her opponent Kay Hagen as being an Atheist despite the contrary and having taught Sunday school. But here's the bigger issue for me, "What's wrong with being an Atheist anyway?" Are we Atheists (I'm not technically an Atheist but in the category as a nontheist) somehow unAmerican? The suggestion from Dole is that being an Atheist is anti-American.

Yet radical Christians like herself often say that there shouldn't be a religious test for political office and for judicial nominations. They love the double-standard. They love to only focus on the second half of this section in the first amendment to the Constitution highlighted. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Their defense of this double standard is usually something like this, "Well Christianity is the truth!!" And yet no one can in no empirical or legal way prove this to be so.

TPJ: In other news: Another conservative adds his name to the long list of other conservatives backing/voting for Barack Obama:

(CNN) — Former Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein told CNN's Fareed Zakaria this week he intends to vote for Democrat Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Duberstein said he was influenced by another prominent Reagan official - Colin Powell - in his decision.

"Well let's put it this way - I think Colin Powell's decision is in fact the good housekeeping seal of approval on Barack Obama."

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My wife made me canvas for Obama; here's what I learned

By Jonathan Curley

There has been a lot of speculation that Barack Obama might win the election due to his better "ground game" and superior campaign organization.

I had the chance to view that organization up close this month when I canvassed for him. I'm not sure I learned much about his chances, but I learned a lot about myself and about this election.

Let me make it clear: I'm pretty conservative. I grew up in the suburbs. I voted for George H.W. Bush twice, and his son once. I was disappointed when Bill Clinton won, and disappointed he couldn't run again.

I encouraged my son to join the military. I was proud of him in Afghanistan, and happy when he came home, and angry when he was recalled because of the invasion of Iraq. I'm white, 55, I live in the South and I'm definitely going to get a bigger tax bill if Obama wins.

I am the dreaded swing voter.

So you can imagine my surprise when my wife suggested we spend a Saturday morning canvassing for Obama. I have never canvassed for any candidate. But I did, of course, what most middle-aged married men do: what I was told.

At the Obama headquarters, we stood in a group to receive our instructions. I wasn't the oldest, but close, and the youngest was maybe in high school. I watched a campaign organizer match up a young black man who looked to be college age with a white guy about my age to canvas together. It should not have been a big thing, but the beauty of the image did not escape me.

Instead of walking the tree-lined streets near our home, my wife and I were instructed to canvass a housing project. A middle-aged white couple with clipboards could not look more out of place in this predominantly black neighborhood.

We knocked on doors and voices from behind carefully locked doors shouted, "Who is it?"

"We're from the Obama campaign," we'd answer. And just like that doors opened and folks with wide smiles came out on the porch to talk.

Grandmothers kept one hand on their grandchildren and made sure they had all the information they needed for their son or daughter to vote for the first time.

Young people came to the door rubbing sleep from their eyes to find out where they could vote early, to make sure their vote got counted.

We knocked on every door we could find and checked off every name on our list. We did our job, but Obama may not have been the one who got the most out of the day's work.

I learned in just those three hours that this election is not about what we think of as the "big things."

It's not about taxes. I'm pretty sure mine are going to go up no matter who is elected.

It's not about foreign policy. I think we'll figure out a way to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan no matter which party controls the White House, mostly because the people who live there don't want us there anymore.

I don't see either of the candidates as having all the answers.

I've learned that this election is about the heart of America. It's about the young people who are losing hope and the old people who have been forgotten. It's about those who have worked all their lives and never fully realized the promise of America, but see that promise for their grandchildren in Barack Obama. The poor see a chance, when they often have few. I saw hope in the eyes and faces in those doorways.

My wife and I went out last weekend to knock on more doors. But this time, not because it was her idea. I don't know what it's going to do for the Obama campaign, but it's doing a lot for me.

Jonathan Curley is a banker. He voted for George H.W. Bush twice and George W. Bush once.

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McCain Did Not Disclose Keating Business Deal To Investigators

The New Republic published an explosive story Saturday evening detailing how John McCain, in all likelihood, leaked information to investigators of the Keating Five scandal that was designed to help his image at the expense of the other four Senators involved.

If the allegation is true -- and TNR makes a healthy case as to its veracity -- it would mean that McCain violated Senate rules and could have been expelled from that body.

"All five senators -- including McCain -- had testified under oath and under the U.S. penal code that the leaks did not come from their camps," Sahil Mahtani reports. "The leaks were also prohibited by rules of the Senate Ethics Committee; according to the rules of the Senate, anyone caught leaking such information could face expulsion from the body."

But this is not be the only instance in which McCain defied the rules of the Senate when seeking to absolve himself of any wronging in the Keating affair. Public records in Arizona reveal that the Senator was also dishonest in discussing the extent of financial transactions he and his family had with the disgraced Savings and Loans chief.

In a three-and-a-half hour interview with investigators on February 13, 1990, McCain told the Ethics Committee that "other than the Fountain Square project [a property deal in which Keating and McCain's family were jointly invested] there were no other financial dealings between him or his family and ACC [American Continental Corporation]."

This, it seems, was not true.

In 1983, the company owned by the McCain family -- specifically his wife Cindy and father-in-law Jim Hensley -- bought a property in Mesa, Arizona, owned by ACC, only to sell it back two months later.

According to property records (pdf), on May 26 of that year, Keating's ACC "conveyed" Lot 188 of Laguna Shores Unit 8 to the Hensley/McCain's Western Leasing Company for the price of $75,000. On July 21, 1983, Western Leasing Company sold the lot right back to ACC for the same exact price.

There is no explanation on the records as to why the unusual property exchange took place. McCain did not report it on his personal financial disclosure form that year, which required senators to list "any interest in property held during calendar year 1983 in a trade or business or for investment or the production of income, which had a fair market value exceeding $1,000 as of the end of the year." Though, a Democratic lawyer familiar with ethics disclosures notes that if he didn't "have a personal ownership interest in the property it would not have to be reported." McCain did list his shares in Western Leasing.

Keating would go on to build a residence on that lot just two months after purchasing it back from Western Leasing. Theoretically, he could have benefited from having that property off the books for the two-month period it was owned by Western Leasing. Though, more than anything else, the transaction demonstrates just how close he and the McCain/Hensleys were.

Taken as a whole, the revelation presents another curious chapter in McCain's conduct during the Keating affair. The Senator, along with four of his colleagues, was accused in 1987 of improperly intervening on behalf of Keating, who was being targeted at the time by regulators. McCain had a close relationship with the Savings and Loan chair, having taken free flights (which he later reimbursed) and received $166,000 in campaign contributions from 1982 through 1986. The two had exchanged notes of friendship as well. After McCain wrote a note apologizing to Keating for listing him as a member of his campaign finance committee - a snub of a post for the long-time donor - Keating replied by writing: "John, don't be silly. You can call me anything...I'm yours until death do us part."

By and large, however, McCain's biography has been as helped as hindered by the whole affair. While he was reprimanded for showing "poor judgment" by the ethics committee (though cleared of legal impropriety), the Arizona Republican used the incident to launch a career as a good-government crusader.

The image makeover has been challenged at various times during this campaign. Revelations that McCain may have misled investigators about the extent of his interactions with Keating as well as reports of his allies leaking favorable information to the press could provide further fodder for those critics.

The McCain campaign did not immediately return request for comment.

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AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

By ALAN FRAM and TREVOR TOMPSON, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON (AP) — That smiling guy walking down the street? Odds are he's a Barack Obama backer. The grouchy looking one? Don't ask, and don't necessarily count on him to vote on Tuesday, either.

More John McCain supporters feel glum about the presidential campaign while more of Obama's are charged up over it, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll released Saturday.

The survey shows McCain backers have become increasingly upset in recent weeks, a period that has seen Obama take a firm lead in many polls. One expert says the contrasting moods could affect how likely the two candidates' supporters are to vote on Election Day, possibly dampening McCain's turnout while boosting Obama's.

While 43 percent of the Democrat Obama's backers said they are excited over the campaign, just 13 percent of McCain's said so, according to the survey of adults, conducted by Knowledge Networks. Six in 10 Obama supporters said the race interests them, compared to four in 10 backing McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona.

On the flip side, 52 percent of McCain supporters said the campaign has left them frustrated, compared to 30 percent of Obama's. A quarter of McCain backers say they feel helpless, double the rate of those preferring Obama, the Illinois senator.

More McCain supporters also feel angry and bored, while Obama's are likelier to say they are proud and hopeful.

All of this is a bad sign for McCain, according to George E. Marcus, a political scientist from Williams College who has studied the role emotion plays in politics. Negative feelings about a campaign can discourage voters by making them less likely to go through what can be a painful process: Voting for someone who will lose.

"If I'm getting my head handed to me by a tennis player, my brain is saying, 'Do I want a second match? No,'" Marcus said. "Why do something that's going to lead to failure?"

Marcus said such emotions can be overcome by outside events, such as a campaign or neighbor urging a person to vote. There's also the danger exuberant Obama backers might decide not to vote because of overconfidence. The Obama and McCain organizations have combined to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for those very reasons.

Obama leads McCain among likely voters in the AP-Yahoo News poll, 51 percent to 43 percent.

Supporters of McCain cite a dislike for Obama, dissatisfaction with the campaign's tone and frustration with how news organizations have treated their candidate.

"Flat disgusted, how's that," said Billie Hart, 80, a Houston Republican backing McCain. "Because that's the way I feel about it. I don't like the individual."

Many Democrats say they're energized by a candidate they perceive as different from most politicians and who can make a real difference.

"Elections have always been so ho-hum,"said Kathleen Rockwell, 61, an Obama supporter from Redmond, Wash. This time, "I feel connected. And that feels good."

The AP-Yahoo! News poll, which has followed the same group of 2,000 people since last November, underscores how individuals have reacted to the campaign's currents. For many McCain supporters, it's not been a happy period.

Three in 10 McCain backers who report being frustrated now said in September they weren't. That is quadruple the number who became less frustrated.

At the same time, one in five McCain supporters are not interested in the campaign now who said they were in September. Half that number gained interest. By similar margins, McCain backers report becoming more angry, bored, overwhelmed and helpless and have become less excited, proud and hopeful.

"I'm real interested in having it over," said Michele Roos, 64, a McCain supporter from Newport News, Va.

Enthusiasm by Obama backers has largely stayed steady since September, though slightly more of them — 31 percent — now say the campaign makes them feel proud.

"I didn't like the candidates before," said Angelique Sims, 38, an Obama supporter from Shawnee, Okla. "I like his character. I like the things he represents. He represents my views."

A closer look at the numbers show how that emotions are playing out to Obama's advantage in several pivotal groups of voters.

Forty-eight percent of those under age 30 who support Obama say they are excited over the race, compared to just 21 percent of those young voters who back McCain. That age group has been a reservoir of strong support for the Democrat.

Just 44 percent of whites supporting the Republican say the campaign interests them, compared to 58 percent of whites and 72 percent of blacks supporting Obama.

At the same time, half of McCain supporters age 65 and up say they're frustrated, compared to three in 10 of Obama's older voters. Also saying they're frustrated are 53 percent of whites backing McCain — compared to 40 percent of whites and 12 percent of blacks behind Obama.

The AP-Yahoo! News poll of 1,753 adults was conducted Oct. 17-27 and had an overall margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points. Included were interviews with 803 Obama supporters and 703 McCain supporters, with error margins of plus or minus 3.5 and 3.7 points respectively.

The poll was conducted over the Internet by Knowledge Networks, which initially contacted people using traditional telephone polling methods and followed with online interviews. People chosen for the study who had no Internet access were given it for free.

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McCain Attacks Obama's Patriotism

John McCain unveiled a new attack on Barack Obama's patriotism Saturday, jumping all over - and taking out of context - remarks made yesterday in which the Democratic nominee said the Iowa Caucuses vindicated his faith in the American public.

Campaigning in Springfield, Virginia, McCain told the crowd that he had always had faith in his country and - dinging his opponent - claimed that the United States "has never had to prove anything to me."

For all the politics at play here - certainly, the GOP has won many elections painting their opponents as not loving of country - there is much to quibble with.

For starters, at various points during this campaign, McCain - whose surrogates and vice president have often gone after Obama on this front - has confirmed that he believes Obama to be a patriot. Moreover, the Republican nominee at one point in his life made comments similar to those offered by the Illinois Democrat.

Speaking about his experience in Vietnam, he described his time as a POW as one that tested and affirmed his love of country.

"I think it makes you a better person," he told Fox News' Sean Hannity in March 2008. "Obviously, it makes you love America. I really didn't love America until I was deprived of her company, but probably the most important thing about it, Sean, is that I was privileged to have the opportunity to serve in the company of heroes."

Past statements aside, if one actually takes a look at what Obama said, and what he has said before, it is hard to interpret in anyway that he doubted the United States. Just look at the sentences before his "faith" remark, in which he lavishly praises the American people, who he "knew" were "decent" and "generous."

"I had confidence in the people of Iowa because I knew that the American people are a decent people and a generous people, willing to work hard and sacrifice for future generations," the Senator told a crowd in Des Moines on Friday. "No where was that truer than here in Iowa."

Those remarks, as the Obama camp pointed out Saturday afternoon, are almost identical to ones made by the Senator even before the Iowa caucus.

"Most of all, I believed in the power of the American people to be the real agents of change in this country - because we are not as divided as our politics suggests; because we are a decent, generous people willing to work hard and sacrifice for future generations; and I was certain that if we could just mobilize our voices to challenge the special interests that dominate Washington and challenge ourselves to reach for something better, there was no problem we couldn't solve - no destiny we couldn't fulfill. Ten months later, Iowa, you have vindicated that faith."

There were no screams of treason then. Rather those comments were interpreted for what they were: Obama thanking the Iowa public for exhibiting the characteristics that he believes make America, America.

"It's pathetic that John McCain would take a statement Barack Obama has been making for a year about his faith in the American people and distort it to attack his patriotism," spokesman Bill Burton said in response to McCain's attack Saturday. "Sadly, this is what we've come to expect from a desperate, dishonorable campaign that will say anything in a failed attempt to win this election."

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by Brad Friedman

'I went back to check it, it had not recorded my presidential vote!' Says Terrified, Potentially Disenfranchised Queen of Television...
NOW UPDATED With Much More Useful Info for Oprah and Others Who Do Not Understand These Voting Systems, or What to do If the Same Thing Happens To You...

[Please see the important UPDATE appended at the end of this article.]

Well, now, finally we may be able to get rid of these damned things, now that it's actually happened to Oprah. Via Huff Po...

"When I voted yesterday electronically, the first vote that you vote for on the ballot is the presidential candidate. It was my first time doing electronic, so I didn't mark the X strong enough, or I held down too long. Because then when I went back to check it, it had not recorded my presidential vote," she said.

She then simulated her meltdown, shaking and breathing heavily while stuttering out the words, "It didn't record my presidential vote."

Here she is explaining what happened...

I don't know where Oprah votes precisely, but if in Chicago, her vote was probably lost on one of Sequoia Voting System's touch-screens. If out in the burbs, it was likely Diebold's touch-screen. Either way, it's a 100% unverifiable vote. Even after she succeeded in making her selection.

I'm happy to advise you on what actually happened, Oprah. Anytime. Gimme a call. But I promise, it wasn't your fault, so please stop blaming yourself. Educate yourself instead --- here's a fine place to start --- so you can educate your millions of viewers, so we can finally begin restoring transparent, verifiable democracy in America.

UPDATE: 11/1/08 For those, um, misinformed commenters who have posted here to say:

Brad, you're an idiot.

The electronic voting machines used in cook county have a PAPER REGISTER. Your entire vote is PRINTED OUT BEFORE YOU to confirm it.

100% Verifiable, and you're 100% full of it!

(Now, if it didn't have the paper register, I'd agree with you that it was unverifiable. But that's entirely NOT the case here!)

We won't call you "an idiot", but we will help you be explaining how you are 100% wrong.

It's not necessarily your fault, or Oprah's, that you have been wholly misled about the the type of voting system on which Oprah seems to have tried to cast her vote. The fact is, she cast her vote on a machine on which it is strictly 100% impossible to verify that any vote ever cast on such a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting machine for any candidate or initiative on the ballot during any election, has ever been recorded accurately, as per any voter's intent.

Allow me to politely explain...

DRE voting --- with or without the so-called "voter verifiable paper audit trail" (VVPAT), that are created by some of these machines --- is strictly, 100% faith-based voting. Period.

I have asked and asked for any such evidence to the contrary from election officials, voting machine company officials, so-called "elections experts" and, to this day, no such evidence has been offered, because no such evidence exists, as they all well know, or should know.

In Oprah's case, if she voted in Cook County, IL, as suggested by the misinformed commenter, she would have voted on an unverifiable DRE machine made by Sequoia Voting Systems --- the Seqoia EDGE with Verivote printer, to be exact. That machine is a 100% unverifiable DRE which produces a so-called "paper trail".

That same machine was decertified across the state of California in 2007 after it was determined to be fully insecure, easily hacked, and completely unverifiable. UC Santa Barbara's Computer Security Group analyzed that machine, on behalf of the state, and found that it could be hacked --- including its so-called "paper trails" --- such that even if those "paper trails" were 100% hand-counted (and they are almost never counted at all, in any case) the hack would likely never be revealed and the "paper trails" would match up perfectly with the hacked internal numbers.

UCSB released their video tape on how to do exactly that, just last month, as we reported at the time. Here's that video again, for you misinformed naysayers out there...

Please see the article we wrote at the time, including the "'Paper-Trails Are Meaningless..." section therein, for much more info, as well as other similar hacks of other similarly 100% unverifiable voting systems.

The Democratic Party Doesn't Get It Either...

It's hardly the commenter's fault that he/she was confused. Just as it's not necessarily Oprah's fault. That they are misinformed on these things is not a surprise. Even Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada (where they use these same, wholly unverifiable Sequoia systems across the entire state) doesn't get it.

I was on a radio show recently, with Christiane Brown on Reno's KJFK, where Reid was the guest just before me, and he said, incorrectly, when asked about the wholly unverifiable machines in his home state: "I think Nevada is more fortunate than a lot of states because we have a paper back-up, paper trail for our votes, and that's important."

Download MP3 here, or listen below (appx. 3 mins.):

No, they are not "more fortunate" in NV. The voters there are as unfortunate as any state that allows 100% unverifiable votes to be cast, as Reid's state across its entirety.

Reid also incorrectly discusses paper ballots, and his offensive interest in "mak[ing] people feel that their vote is counted". We don't hope they feel that way, Senator. We want them to know it, and be able to verify --- as much as needed --- that every vote actually has been counted, and counted accurately. That's strictly impossible with the voting machines that Reid feels Nevadans are "fortunate" to use.

And btw, those Sequoia EDGE w/ VeriVote printers were first used in this country, in Nevada, in 2004 after they were illegally certified by NV's then Sec. of State Dean Heller and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Heller is now a U.S. Congressman. I exposed the illegal certification of those systems --- Nevada was the first in the world to use the so-called "voter verifiable paper trail printer" back 2004 --- in an expos� written by myself and Michael Richardson, with's John Gideon in a chapter of Mark Crispin Miller's recently released Loser Take All: Election Fraud and The Subversion of Democracy, 2000 - 2008. I urge you all to buy it, read it & educate yourself (that goes for you, Sen. Reid and Ms. Winfrey! It'd be a great selection to add to the Oprah Book Club!)

Unfortunately, our expos� was never published by the corporate media, despite my offering it to plenty of them.

And again, I remind you to see our Special Coverage page on "Touch-Screen Vote-Flipping 2008", which also offers information on what you (and Oprah) need to do when this happens to you!

Here are some of those tips since the DNC and Obama campaign refuse to take any steps to assure your vote may actually be counted accurately on one of these machines...

What to do if it happens to you:

  • Call poll supervisors to observe the problem.
  • Fill out a problem report.
  • Refuse to vote on that machine.
  • Request that the machine be taken out of service.
  • Get a serial number of the machine if possible (may be difficult in many cases).
  • Tell other voters in line which machine it was and that they should NOT vote on that machine!
  • Report it to county/town election office.
  • Report it to the Secretary of State.
  • Call local reporters and tell them the story.
  • Call voter problem hotlines (eg. 866-MYVOTE1 and 866-OUR-VOTE) and report it.
  • Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
  • Raise holy hell.

REMINDER: Please bring a video camera/cell phone camera when you go to vote so you can document these problems on video tape, and then upload them to and YouTube!

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Palin's Movement Urges 'Godly' To 'Plunder' Wealth of The 'Godless'

Sarah Palin endorser Bishop Thomas Muthee, in a speech he gave before blessing and anointing Sarah Palin as a political leader, on October 16, 2005 at the Wasilla Assembly of God, laid out the current agenda of the New Apostolic Reformation - how "God's kingdom" needed to "infiltrate" seven sectors of society. Muthee listed most of them: business and finance, schools and education, media and entertainment, politics and government.

Muthee also stated "The Bible says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. Sarah Palin was in the audience. Minutes later, she was anointed, and blessed, with the laying on of hands.

Thomas Muthee is an internationally known celebrity in the New Apostolic Reformation and a personal friend of the movement's head, C. Peter Wagner. In June 2006 Wagner proclaimed that "God has declared through His prophets that the wealth of the wicked will be released to the Kingdom of God," and declared, threateningly, "the enemies' camp will be plundered."

The New Apostolic Reformation is not a small movement: an apostle of C. Peter Wagner, one of the 500 apostles in Wagner's International Coalition of Apostles, owns what will be one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Jakarta Tower. One of the NAR's branches is successfully supplanting the Catholic Church in Brazil. The movement holds international conferences on advancing Christian hegemony in the business sector [link to PDF].

At the end of this post I've added the nine minute video in which Thomas Muthee urges "infiltration" of key sectors of society and then blesses and anoints Sarah Palin as a political leader. In other videos I've also added, leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) describe and promote the same agenda for Christian theocratic takeover as did Muthee: the The Seven Mountains Mandate, in which seven key sectors of society are targeted for takeover.

Two top leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation, directors of "Spiritual Warfare" networks who hold other high level positions in the NAR are now definitively tied to Sarah Palin: at her entrance into politics at 24 and her emergence onto the national stage, as Alaska governor, in late 2006. There is considerable circumstantial evidence for the case that Sarah Palin is still in Mary Glazier's prayer warrior / spiritual warfare network.

A new 36 page report ( read online / PDF file / some of the highlights of the report ), from an independent research team that has specialized in studying Sarah Palin's faith, contains ground breaking information on a religious movement Sarah Palin is tied to and which advocates that its members "plunder" the wealth of the "godless".

The McCain campaign, during the 2008 election, has repeatedly attacked Barack Obama for advocating that the U.S. federal government seek more wealth equality in America, by "spreading the wealth."

But McCain's running mate Sarah Palin is closely associated, as noted in a recent New York Times story, with "spiritual warfare", an aggressive approach to evangelizing developed by the leaders of a worldwide religious movement which promotes a religiously based wealth transfer scheme as a means to implement theocracy.

As the top leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, which extensive evidence suggests is Sarah Palin's chosen religious and political movement, C. Peter Wagner proclaimed, on June 21, 2006, that "God has declared through His prophets that the wealth of the wicked will be released to the Kingdom of God."

Wagner detailed his religiously based wealth transfer scheme to power a theocratic takeover, stating "I declare that this wealth will be distributed for the extension of the Kingdom of God by the apostles that God has set in the church." Wagner made clear that that human agency would be a part of his wealth transfer scheme, and Wagner specifically singled out the "godless":

"I decree that vast amounts of wealth will be released supernaturally, even from godless and pagan sources... The enemy's camp will be plundered... Resistance will be impossible. Jesus will put all things under His feet." - C. Peter Wagner

As confirmed in an October 25, 2008 story by New York Times reporter Laurie Goodstein, Sarah Palin is closely associated both with "spiritual warfare" and with two religious leaders who practice "spiritual warfare" and profess to fight witches and witchcraft: Thomas Muthee and Mary Glazier.

Both Muthee and Glazier are also high level leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation, which over the last decade has rapidly expanded as an international movement within Neocharismatic "renewal" groups within Christianity estimated to have 295 million members worldwide.

It is a movement organizing on a massive scale for religious, social and ideological takeovers in entire nations, such as in Brazil [see PDF file: program for "Transform Brazil 2008 Conference]. Thomas Muthee is a personal friend of the top leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, C. Peter Wagner, and Muthee has played a key role in promoting "spiritual warfare" concepts that have powered rapid growth of Wagner's movement.

Laurie Goodstein's October 25, 2008 New York Times story, YouTube Videos Draw Attention to Palin's Faith concurred with much of the research done since early September 2008 by the New Apostolic Reformation Research Team, which has extensively documented Sarah Palin's numerous ties the the New Apostolic Reformation movement. Goodstein's story did not name the movement but verified Sarah Palin's association with religious leaders who practice "spiritual warfare" and, as Goodstein accurately detailed,

spiritual warfare "adherents believe that demonic forces can colonize specific geographic areas and individuals, and that "spiritual warriors" must "battle" them to assert God's control, using prayer and evangelism. The movement's fixation on demons, its aggressiveness and its leaders' claims to exalted spiritual authority have troubled even some Pentecostal Christians."

Goodstein went on to note that Sarah Palin had (in the summer of 2008) "delivered an enthusiastic graduation speech for a class of young spiritual warriors in June at the Wasilla Assembly of God, the church in which she was raised." Goodstein's story went on to mention that Palin, as Alaska governor, had appointed a spiritual warfare advocate to an Alaska State suicide prevention council, a story first covered by this author.

Most significantly of all Laurie Goodstein's story recognized Thomas Muthee's international stature as a celebrity, to millions internationally, because of his role in a globally distributed instructional video series promoting "spiritual warfare" concepts:

"Bishop Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan preacher shown on the YouTube video anointing her as she ran for governor, is celebrated internationally as an effective spiritual warrior who led a prayer movement that drove a witch out of his town in Kenya. The removal of the witch, Bishop Muthee says, resulted in a drop in crime, alcoholism and traffic accidents."

Thomas Muthee is in fact one of a handful of leaders, clustered around Muthee's personal friend C. Peter Wagner, who have pioneered the development of "spiritual warfare" concepts, terminology and methods.

Muthee has held several top leadership positions in Wagner's organizations and networks including serving, in the late 1990's, on the International Advisory Board of the World Prayer Center. That Center was founded in the mid 1990's as a joint effort of C. Peter Wagner and Ted Haggard, founder of the Colorado Springs New Life Church and later the head of the National Association of Evangelicals.

While Thomas Muthee was that World Prayer Center board, an expedition authorized by Wagner and planned by Mexican former Voodoo priestess, now a Christian evangelist, Ana Mendez, went to Mount Everest to battle what Wagner and others in his movement have described as a global demonic spirit, centered over Everest, that blocks the prayers of Catholics and members of other religions from reaching God. That Spiritual Warfare expedition, as claimed in writings by Wagner and Mendez, may have contributed to the death of Mother Theresa.

On October 16, 2005, Kenyan evangelist Thomas Muthee blessed and "anointed" Sarah Palin as a political leader, in a religious ceremony held at Palin's church of over two decades, the Wasilla Assembly of God.

Prior to the ceremony, Muthee made a short speech in which he exhorted his listeners to carry out a holistic program, for the implementation of a Christian theocracy, that is being developed and promoted by leaders in C. Peter Wagner's organization, under the brand name "Seven Mountains". In his speech Muthee called for "God's Kingdom" to "infiltrate" key sectors of society such as business and finance, schools and education, media and entertainment, and politics and government.

The Seven Mountains program is an extension of ideas popularized in the "Transformations" series of instructional videos, on "spiritual warfare", "spiritual mapping" and "prayer warfare" that have, according to some estimates, been viewed by two hundred million people around the world, in seventy different countries.

The first video in the "Transformations" series came out in 1999 and only a year later, although most Americans were (and still are) unaware of the video series' existence, Sarah Palin in 2000, then Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, borrowed a Transformations video from her former Wasilla Assembly of God pastor, as noted in an October 25, 2008 story by AP reporter Garance Burke.

The message of the video borrowed (and presumably watched) by Wasilla mayor Palin was this:

Society can be transformed by mapping strongholds of demons, witches and "spirits of witchcraft", and through driving those out through "spiritual warfare". The result will be the almost complete cessation of crime and addiction, almost 100% Christian church membership, the growth of farm vegetables to enormous size, and a miraculous reversal of environmental degradation.

Laurie Goodstein's New York Times story, "YouTube Videos Draw Attention to Palin's Faith", also noted Sarah Palin's association with another leader in C. Peter Wagner's networks, Mary Glazier.

On July 13, 2008, Mary Glazier, at a gathering of New Apostolic Reformation leaders outside of Seattle, told C. Peter Wagner and others present that Sarah Palin had joined Glazier's Wasilla Prayer group at 24, after "God began speak" to Palin about entering politics. Glazier was then working to elect AIP Party candidate Walter J. Hickel to the Governor's seat. As Glazier told Wagner and leaders in is movement,

"There was a twenty-four year old woman that God began to speak to about entering into politics. She became a part of our prayer group out in Wasilla. Years later, became the mayor of Wasilla. And last year was elected Governor of the state of Alaska. Yes! Hallelujah! At her inauguration she dedicated the state to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" - Mary Glazier

Initially the Alaska director for the Spiritual Warfare network, Mary Glazier is now listed as the Northwest Regional Director for what is the successor to the Spiritual Warfare Network, now re-branded as the Global Apostolic Prayer Network. Glazier is also one of the 500 apostles in C. Peter Wagner's International Coalition of Apostles, and she serves on the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, the senior prophesy group in Wagner's growing empire.

Mary Glazier currently has glowing testimonials, to her ministry and her leadership, from top leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation posted on her ministry web site, Windwalker's International: C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs and Dutch Sheets. Glazier also lists top NAR leaders as ministry advisers, including Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. Glazier also has in the past, on her web site, a 1993 prophecy from Cindy Jacobs suggesting the formation of "prayer cells" within businesses as part of a wealth-transfer strategy (see Jacob's prophecy at end of post).

As quoted in the February/March 2003 issue of Spiritled Woman Magazine, Glazier has also described how in 1995 her prayer group drove a witch out of Alaska with prayer warfare:

"as we continued to pray against the spirit of witchcraft, her incense altar caught on fire, her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer."

It is not known whether Palin was active in Glazier's prayer group at the time, but evidence suggests Palin may well have remained in the prayer warfare group, which was in the 1990's incorporated into C. Peter Wagner's national and international prayer warfare networks.

As Mary Glazier's news of Palin's association with the New Apostolic Reformation filtered out through the organization's communication networks, various of Wagner's apostles weighed in. Charisma Magazine editor J. Lee Grady called Palin a "bold Holy Ghost filled woman" and wrote that when he heard of John McCain choice of Palin, he "was reminded of the biblical story of Deborah, the Old Testament prophet who rallied God's people to victory at a time when ancient Israel was being terrorized by foreign invaders." Using terminology common to the New Apostolic Reformation, Grady titled his September 10, 2008 op-ed "Sarah Plain and The Deborah Anointing".

Asked by New York Times reporter Laurie Goodstein, on Palin's relationship with Mary Glazier, Grady confirmed that Palin had known Glazier and been in Glazier's prayer group. But another of Wagner's apostles, a personal friend of Wagner's who calls C. Peter Wagner a "spiritual father", Norwegian Pastor Jan-Aage Torp excitedly wrote in a September 6, 2008 post on his blog,

"Sarah Palin er bønnegriger og pinsevenn!" ("Palin is a Prayer Warrior and Pentecostal!")

Torp went on to state in the post that Sarah Palin is currently a member of a prayer network under C. Peter Wagner and Mary Glazier and called it "interesting" that American media hadn't paid much attention to the relationship. Mary Glazier declined to talk with New York Times reporter Laurie Goodstein about her relationship to Palin, as did Palin, the McCain campaign generally, and pastors and religious leaders directly associated with Sarah Palin.

In an October 22, 2008 appearance on Focus on The Family head James Dobson's radio show, Sarah Palin thanked "our prayer warriors across the nation."


The Wall Street / Golden Bull Connection

Wonkette, yesterday, picked up, from Pharyngula, on a strange ceremony held on Wall Street, before a statue there of a golden bull, and quoted an unnamed person who said, "We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the 'Lion's Market,' or God's control over the economic systems." Wonkette was unaware that person speaking was almost certainly Cindy Jacobs [see story at Christian Broadcasting Network. Here's video of Jacobs discussing golden bull / Wall Street prayer ceremony with Pat Robertson]

Cindy Jacobs is one of the top world leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation and was one of a handful of pioneers who helped develop "spiritual warfare". In the video below, Jacobs discusses the Wall Street ceremony but also talks about the same "Seven Mountain mandate" elaborated on by Sarah Palin anointer Thomas Muthee on October 16, 2005.

Despite the eccentric appearance of the Wall Street ceremony, the movement behind the ceremony should not be trivialized. As one example, one single apostle out of C. Peter Wagner's 500 apostles globally, owns the Jakarta Tower, 4th tallest building in the world.

Palin - Endorser Thomas Muthee outlines 7 Mountains imperative, before Palin anointing ceremony, October 16, 2005: note key phrase Muthee uses: "The Bible says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous".

The Seven Mountain Mandate: The Concept

Cindy Jacobs, in Indonesia, explains Seven Mountain, through in an interpreter, to her audience at a conference.

Upcoming Seven Mountains conference, Atlanta 2009

C. Peter Wagner apostle Lance Wallnau explains 7 Mountains Mandate

More Lance Wallnau, on Prophetic TV, on Seven Mountains

Cindy Jacobs prophecy, from 1993, post on Mary Glazier's Windwalker's Ministries web site [retrieved from Internet archive page from Glazier's web site. Emphasis mine.]


Highlights of "Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare - Muthee and the "Transformations" Franchise"

In a few days, Americans will vote for the next president and vice president of the United States.

Sarah Palin has confirmed relationships, substantiated by Palin's actions in political office, with two top leaders in an international religious and political movement most Americans don't even know exists; one of those leaders has urged movement members to "infiltrate" politics and government. The other has claimed Palin in her Spiritual Warfare network. In an October appearance on Focus on The Family had James Dobson's radio show, Sarah Palin thanked prayer warriors around the nation.

Mainstream media has almost totally failed to probe who Thomas Muthee and Mary Glazier are and what the movement they lead is, or what it is currently doing, or what its goals are.

Muthee, Glazier and, evidence suggests, Palin are together in a movement whose members and top leadership, as detailed in the 36 page report:

  • are building emergency response servicing in partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

  • claim police department prayer and fasting cuts murder and crime and are convincing police forces to adopt prophecy and prayer based policing.

  • are integrating their members and ideas into suicide prevention and other social services. Sarah Palin has helped out with this herself by, in early 2008, appointing to the Alaska State Suicide Prevention Council an Alaska pastor, Pat Donelson, whose ministry promotes the idea that a, supernaturally equipped end-time youth army will violently cleanse the Earth of evil. In 2003 Pat Donelson's ministry sponsored a trip to the Fresh Fire Ministry of evangelist Todd Bentley, whose advocacy of violence was the subject of a Fall 2008 report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Palin sits on the advisory board of Carry The Cure, a 501(c)(3) suicide prevention nonprofit co-founded by Pat Donelson and which describes its mission, on its federal tax forms as "Religious - Evangelism" and brings suicide prevention programs to public schools that include a heavy metal rock song which encourages public schools students to "fight for revolution." The church Palin is by far the most strongly associated with, the Wasilla Assembly of God, hosts Northwind Global Ministries conferences and events.

  • have sent a prayer warfare team to Mount Everest to battle a global demon they claim blocks the prayers of Catholics from reaching Heaven; have boasted the expedition may have helped to Kill Mother Theresa

  • have sent a team to wage Spiritual Warfare (spiritual mapping) against the government of Israel; team leader Martha Lucia describes the Israeli Knesset as "the mind of Satan on Earth."

  • have organized and inspired massive, institutionalized Spiritual Warfare campaigns successfully de-Catholicizing whole nations, such as Brazil [see PDF file: program for "Transform Brazil 2008 Conference.

  • are mapping out, block by block, opposition and demonic "strongholds" in cities around the United States such as in Pittsburgh and Topeka (not in report) and in entire U.S., such as in Georgia.

  • have developed strategic outlines for taking control of society and government in Austin, Texas and other communities.

  • are waging their Spiritual Warfare campaigns internationally, such as in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Uganda, Kenya, and elsewhere

  • are exporting an ideology, that includes fighting "witches" and "spirits of witchcraft" to the developing world.

  • have endorsed church-based death squads operating in Central America.

  • promotes the idea, to teens in the movement, that they will form a supernaturally equipped end-time army that will cleanse the earth of evil.

  • have sent teams to fight Freemasonry demons over Washington D.C. which they claim originated from an occult, masonic conspiracy by George Washington and other founding fathers who based the foundation of United States government upon a "false covenant made to Baal."
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    Obama's Birth Certificate Verified By State

    The state's Department of Health director on Friday released a statement verifying the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama birth certificate.The state has received multiple requests for a copy of Obama's birth certificate. State law does not allow officials to release the birth certificate of a person to someone outside of the family.There were rumors that Obama was born in Kenya, where his father is from. The Constitution requires that the president be a natural born citizen of the U.S.
    While many sites and news organizations have released copies provided by the Obama campaign, the rumors have persisted."There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s official birth certificate. State law (Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record," DOH Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said.Fukino said she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama's original birth certificate."Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures," Fukino said.Fukino said that no state official, including Gov. Linda Lingle, ever instructed that Obama's certificate be handled differently from any other.Some Obama critics claim he was not born in the United States.Multiple lawsuits were filed to try and force Obama to provide proof of citizenship. Earlier Friday, a southwest Ohio magistrate rejected a challenge to Obama's U.S. citizenship. Judges in Seattle and Philadelphia recently dismissed similar suits.

    Original here

    Making It Official: I Endorse Barack Obama

    I assumed most people already knew that I had supported Obama. Anyone who has spent five minutes listening to my program would have known that. But if it helped to make it official, I'm happy to make it so.

    Original here

    I assumed most people already knew that I had supported Obama. Anyone who has spent five minutes listening to my program would have known that. But if it helped to make it official, I'm happy to make ...
    I assumed most people already knew that I had supported Obama. Anyone who has spent five minutes listening to my program would have known that. But if it helped to make it official, I'm happy to make ...

    McCain Campaign Pulls Out of Tech Debate, Apologizes With a Telegram

    By John 'Norton Ghost' Herrman

    After weeks of wrangling, Wired had finally gotten commitments from high-level surrogates from both the Obama and McCain campaigns to participate in a debate about technology yesterday afternoon. So how did it go? It didn't. The McCain campaign canceled a few hours before the event, with no plans to reschedule. While McCain's personal indifference to technology , difficult-to-defend tech policies, personal vendettas and general oldness all come to mind as reasons for this decision, more likely than not they just didn't see this as the most effective way to, you know, win. Oh well. [Wired EpicenterThanks, Nick and JosephGerardi1]

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