Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Colmes to Coulter: 'You are a hate crime'

David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter suggested on Monday that she expects an apology from everyone who complained that her harping on President Obama's middle name, Hussein, was a hate crime. However, Fox's token liberal, Alan Colmes refused to oblige her.

Coulter began by telling Colmes, "Lo these many months, when you were accusing me of committing a hate crime ... [the truth about] our president-elect's middle name is that he likes it."

She was referring to Obama's recent announcement that he will use his full name when sworn in as president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Since at least June of 2007, Coulter has been calling the then-candidate as "B. Hussein Obama," a practice which she still continues. When Fox host Neil Cavuto asked her in February, "Why do you keep saying the 'B. Hussein Obama'?" Coulter replied, "Well, that's his name. ... He's probably going to be our next president, President Hussein."

"Not only do you owe me an apology," Coulter insisted to Colmes, "but Michelle Obama owes me an apology for calling it was a 'fear-bomb' we were dropping by calling him Hussein."

"I would like my apology now," she smirked, folding her arms and tossing her head pertly. "I'm ready."

"Not an apology," responded Colmes sternly. "He is following tradition in terms of how a president is sworn in. You purposely underscored his middle name, diminishing his first name, to point out that he had the name of a terrorist!"

Coulter, who had previously noted that Obama "also said that this was to 'reboot' our relations with the Muslim world," insisted in response, "It can not simultaneously be a hate crime to use a man's middle name and ... for him to say 'this is going to change our relations with the Muslim world.'"

"Ann," Colmes finally said in frustration, "I think you are a hate crime."

"Thank you," Coulter replied smugly.

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This video is from Fox's Hannity & Colmes, broadcast Dec. 15, 2008.

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