Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain Camp Manager: Colin Powell Not Equipped To Make Political Predictions

When asked on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program Monday for his reaction to Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis called into question the political acumen of the former Joint Chiefs chairman and Secretary of State.

"Look, I doubt if Colin Powell is equipped to do a whole lot of political prognostication," Davis said, dismissively, adding: "That's what you guys do, right?"

It was perhaps a snarky throwaway line, but it could be seen as a slight to the man McCain himself has described as one of the "most credible, most respected" men in the world.

Davis was certain to add the de rigeur testimony to Powell's service, saying: "He is a great American and served this country with great distinction. What his views are on the political scene are completely up to him."

McCain's campaign manager also addressed the issue of bringing up Bill Ayers, which Powell has criticized as "demagoguery."

"John McCain tried to point out how people should be informed about Barack Obama's background, including his relationships with domestic terrorists like William Ayers. People are going to form these judgments. It's great fodder for us to debate every day. I think it's fun," Davis said.

When asked about Powell's sharp criticism of McCain's handling of the economy, Davis oddly lumped in Joe Scarborough with the "Joes" trying to carve out a middle class living. "I think John McCain has continued to talk about it -- where working class people all around the country, the Joes of the world, whether they are Joe like the Talk Show Host or Joe the Plumber -- but the Joes around the country are working hard, earning a living and trying to be the generators of economic progress in this country."

Davis did give the Obama campaign some credit for their $150 million fundraising haul in September. "That is a 'wow' moment. No question about that. It's an enormous amount of money," Davis said.

Then he alleged, however, that "enough questions have been raised by the media" that all of Obama's small donors should be disclosed online. "He's got great geeks working on the website. They ought to have them get to work saying I'll put up on a website all my donations."

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