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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonights Official Money Bomb for OBAMA!!!! $10,000,000 GOAL!!!

Tonight is the night we re-introduce Obama to America before the GOP begins their ultimate smear machine.

Tonight is the beginning of the end to the GOP and their misleading ways!!!

Tonight is the night we Change this country in a foward direction from it's last 7.5 years of dark ages to HOPE

We will not be divided as a party and we will no longer tolerate the powers that wish to divide our great country in the name of Greed!!!

Tonight we begin our dream and Obama's dream of "A More Perfect Union"

Tonight We begin working as if our lives depended on it because it does!!!!

Here's the link to donate!!! Any amount will help. If you don't have the money tonight, ask someone to donate for you on your honor to match it on your next pay period. It will also give the Obama camp a huge boost from the starting line and neutralize the 527 attacks which we know are comming very soon!!!

Please rec this diary up and spread the word to the other blogs!!!

If you can match someone who doesn't have the cash tonight, post it and match them until they get paid!!!

This needs to be a huge night for Obama!!! Let's set a fund raising record while the GOP has to host their $2000.00/ plate dinners!!!

If your a Clinton supporter, we need you guys more than ever and extend an olive branch as we come together for a common cause. Please let us know in the comment section if your helping out ( ;

Power to the People!!!! Yes We Can!!!

Update: Alright, we did it!!! Thanks. If anybody has links to My DD, Digg, blog left, or any left wing blog please post a similar diary and we'll link it!!! Keep it rolling. We may have to start another thread as the night goes on. I'll check back in an hour to link the second or even third thread!!!

Update II: Keep it rolling guys, here's the Digg link

Update III: Obama's server is getting overloaded, keep trying and don't give up.

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