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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update..Video: Al Qaeda in Iraq BURNS Hostages ALIVE!

Just when you think it can't get any worse with alQaeda they now burn hostages alive. Video shows dousing their victims with some type of flammable liquid and throwing them into a burning pit while shouting "Allah u Akhbar".

h/t Canadian Guy from LGF link thingy.

Video is below the fold and I warn you it is extremely graphic..

Update: Just to clarify Howie said this video was released a month or two ago.

Update #2: To clear up anymore confusion about this video. The video is indeed an al-Qaeda one. It was released on a forum on 12/26/07. The link given was to liveleak which apparently has been removed. A commentor states "it is unreleased footage captured from the ISI by ISF, CC or shia militias."

The source for the video on the forum was from this anti al-Qaeda film posted on Google Video 12/18/07. In it you will see the scene of the brutal killing of these prisoners as well as others.

Various pro al-Qaeda jihadis use the same clip from the anti al-Qaeda film in their sick snuff porn videos.

MEMRI stated the burning image was on the "Front Page of Turkish daily Hurriyet: "Al-Qaeda Savagery" . Apparently the men being savagely burnt to death were Iraq's taken as prisoners. God rest their souls.

Warning extremely graphic

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