Thursday, January 10, 2008

Culinary Workers' Union Endorse Barack Obama

From NBC’s Andy Merten and Domenico Montanaro
Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union officially endorsed Obama today in Las Vegas. And while the format of the press conference largely reflected your typical presidential endorsement -- praise for the other candidates with a laundry list of rationales for the ultimate choice -- there was one tidbit that stood out in this one: comparisons to, well, food.

“I have a lot of respect for those folks in Iowa and New Hampshire, but we’re not just Wonder Bread, here,” said D. Taylor, secretary treasurer of Culinary Workers Union Local 266, of Nevada and the union's racial diversity. "We’ve got pumpernickel; we got whole wheat; and we got rye.”

And Taylor couldn’t resist leaving it at just that. He went on to compare the decision to pick Obama to a trip to Baskin Robins: “Maybe you have a certain flavor you want. But you generally look around, don’t you? And you test a few.”

The union, which boasts a membership of more than 60,000, is seen as a key endorsement in Nevada, a state where there are less than 500,000 registered Democrats in the whole state and certainly not all come out for caucuses.

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